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Divorce is one of the biggest personal upheavals anyone can face – and the aftermath can be challenging for years as the parties must deal with child custody, child support and other court orders.

Too many people “check out” mentally and let their spouse take control when facing divorce, only to suffer serious regrets.  Others rely on family and friends’ experiences to guide them when the best choice is to contact a family law attorney who will discuss your obligations and options and protect your legal rights under Georgia family law.

Experienced Guidance on Divorce, Custody, Support and Other Family Issues

Respected 25-year lawyer Lisa R. Reeves leads our team of Newnan divorce attorneys in delivering sound decision-making guidance and working relentlessly to protect our clients’ rights in matters of:

  • Divorce – whether the parties agree on most key issues and want to focus on efficiency or must overcome disputes involving custody, support, spousal maintenance and division of property and debts
  • Post-judgment modifications to a divorce decree, including changes in child support, custody or visitation made necessary to enforce child support and collect payments or compel an ex-spouse to abide by other court orders
  • Claims and disputes involving paternity and legitimation
  • Domestic violence – including filing for orders of protection and raising these difficult issues in the effort to obtain a sensible divorce settlement
  • DFCS adoptions, name changes and other matters handled in our family courts
  • Dependency Hearings in Juvenile Court involving the removal of children from families

Focused on a Fair Outcome and Protection of Your Financial Future

While we strive to identify rational solutions and compromises that enable a reasonably fast, affordable divorce, some cases are unavoidably complex.  Our family law attorneys are prepared to play “hardball” and take your matter to trial if the opposition refuses to negotiate in good faith.  We focus on your satisfaction and your future in this pivotal time.

If you have a question about your rights in a Georgia divorce, recently passed child support laws, or other family law concerns, we encourage you to contact us now. We are prepared to hear you out, work toward genuine understanding of your personal priorities, and take decisive legal action in pursuit of your most important goals.


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